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The Willink

Learning Support Centre

Learning Support Centre


 “Working hard to ensure everyone feels valued and fulfils their potential.” 

 Key Contacts

  • SENDCo - Mrs J Harbidge 
  • Student & Family Welfare - Mrs P Myers & Mrs R Wilson

Useful Documents

QR code linking to the West Berkshire Council Directory which outlines the services available to families in West Berkshire:

Role of the Learning Support Centre

The Willink Learning Support Centre aims to provide all groups of students with structured and coordinated support to overcome barriers to learning caused by personal, social, emotional or behavioural difficulties. We firmly believe that education provides students with the foundation for a successful life and recognise that this must be tailored to individual needs and circumstances.

All students at The Willink School are provided with a rich set of learning experiences and opportunities which begin in the classroom, extend to the wider school, and the local community beyond that. However, we recognise that some students will find accessing these opportunities challenging.

Support is provided to students and families via different approaches and covers a range of issues:

Special Educational Needs Literacy Emotional Literacy Behaviour Management Pastoral
Liaison with external agencies Financial hardship Relationships Attendance

Parents and carers have a vital role in ensuring that the individual needs of their children are being met; their rights and responsibilities are respected; and they have an active role in decisions made about approaches taken to meet these needs.

Our ultimate goal is that all students are integrated in lessons with their peers in order to fulfil their potential. We will provide individual support and coaching; group support; targeted support in lessons; pre and post-school support as appropriate to enable and empower students to become confident individuals and effective contributors to our society.

The Willink School is committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all members of the school community and actively promotes the social inclusion agenda. No student should be disadvantaged by their class, gender, race, religion or any disability. Every child is an individual and every child does matter.

The Learning Support Centre is located in the S Block and can be accessed by all students.

Video Introducing the Learning Support Centre

The video below is made predominately at Year 6 students transitioning into year 7. It provides new students with a chance to learn more about our Learning Support Centre. In this video students will see how easy it is to find the LSC once on the school campus, learn what facilities are available within the LSC, as well as meet some of the key staff who work there.

Learning Support Centre Staff

Learning Support Centre Staff
Head of Student and Family Welfare and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Ms P Myers
Student & Family Welfare and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs R Wilson
Deputy Head and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead  Mrs G Schofield
SENDCo Mrs J Harbidge
Assistant SENDCo Ms J Whitmore
Attendance and Family Liaison Ms L Bassford
Alternative Curriculum (Yr 10 & 11) Ms S Herd
Student Support
Learning Support Mentor  Ms Y Nash
Learning Support Mentor     

Ms S Hawkins

Learning Support Mentor     

Mr C Ward

Learning Support Mentor 

Ms S Lawrence

Learning Support Mentor 

Mr A Hulley

Learning Support Mentor 

Mrs S Tazeem

Inclusion co-ordinator

Ms L Vickers

Year 7 & 8 Pastoral Assistant Ms K Sutton
Year 9, 10 & 11 Pastoral Assistant Ms R Johnson
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
Mrs R Cookson Learning Support Assistant
Mrs E Jeffcoats Learning Support Assistant in English
Mrs J Stephens Learning Support Assistant
Ms J Gibson Learning Support Assistant in Maths
Mr C Hall Learning Support Assistant
Mr M Childs Learning Support Assistant (Science)
Ms B Polz Learning Support Assistant
Mr E Luke Learning Support Assistant
Ms J Saint Learning Support Assistant
Ms L Payne Learning Support Assistant
Ms H Sellwood Learning Support Assistant   
Ms H Masters  Learning Support Assistant   

Contact Information

Please contact the school for further information. 


Last Updated September 2023.