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Tokyo House

Tokyo House

The whole school is divided into the seven Houses, based on the tutor groups. The House names are cosmopolitan cities with a global outlook and reflect diversity across the world as well as the languages taught at schoolThey are integral to the school’s ethos and status as an International School.

Tokyo was chosen to be one of our House names because it is the world’s largest city.

Tokyo's House Colour: Purple as that is the colour of the flag of Tokyo.

Heads of House:  Each house has at least two dedicated Sixth Form Students (Year 12's) as Heads of House. These individuals are responsible for their house and will work as a team to help decide on house activities, events and challenges. Heads of House will also be responsible for shaping their house as well as the house system for future students. The Heads of House will be a key point of communication with their house peers and will run house assemblies to share important house updates.

Tokyo's Heads of House are: Katie and Freddie