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Update on A Level results following Ofqual announcement

Update on A Level results following Ofqual announcement

Thursday 20th August

All students will receive their updated results via email today. We are processing these emails as fast as we can but due to GCSE results also coming out we will be sending them in batches throughout the day. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Tuesday 18th August - email sent to all Year 13 students

Thanks for your continued patience on the revised A Level results.

We are waiting for the exam boards to officially reissue them to us before we can then send them on to you. Given what has happened over the last week, it's important that the information we pass on is 100% accurate so we are following the official process.

If you are holding a place at University that requires you to know your Centre Assessed Grades immediately from the school, please drop Mr Ballantyne an email with a contact number. Mrs Gordon is also still available to ask any questions about University entrance.

Please keep checking your emails and letting others know who might not be!


Monday 17th August - 5pm - email sent to all Year 13 students

You will have heard this afternoon's announcement by Ofqual that A Level grades will now be awarded using Centre Assessed Grades. These are the grades that the school submitted in May which were our best assessment of what you would have achieved if you had taken exams, based on a range of evidence.

Like other schools nationally, around 38% of The Willink's results received last Thursday were standardised downwards by Ofqual and the exam boards, so this announcement means that for many of you there will be a positive change in one or more of your grades.

As soon as we get official clarification on how to publish these new results and get them to you, we will let you know.

I know this has been a difficult and distressing time for many of you and we are all pleased that the Government has taken these steps to redress the situation. Well done for showing resilience and patience.

If you have applied to university you should have received an email from UCAS telling you that it is working with the exam boards to receive the revised grades as quickly as possible and pass them on to your universities.

Please keep an eye on your emails for further information.