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Trips and Visits

Trips and Visits

The following information lists the school trips that are taking place during the academic year 2023-2024.

This list will be updated in September, January and April each year.

The information gives details with regard to year group, dates, department, estimated costs and, where relevant, the criteria for being selected on the trip.

 For letters advertising our educational visits, please check the weekly Parents Digest email and the Letters section of the school website

Proposed and Approved Trips 2023-2024

Click here to view a list of the typical trips offered to students from year 7 to year 13.

Trips 2022-2023

Trips 2021-2022

                                               Year Group
Date Leader Dept Type Destination 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Cost
20-Sept RHO Art Textiles Day Oxford, UK X X £22
21-Sept RHO Art Textiles Day Oxford, UK X £22
21-Sept SBR Geography Day London, UK X X £40
30-Sept SBR Geography Day Kew Gardens X £25
01-Oct JHA History Residential Battlefields, Belgium x £170 Cancelled due to Covid restrictions
7th-Oct SBR Geography Day Windsor, UK X £15
10-Oct LDE MFL Residential Malaga, Spain X X £469
11- Nov MRK Drama Evening Watermill Theatre, Reading x x x x £29
18-Nov DEL MFL Residential Berlin, Germany X X £535 Cancelled due to German Covid restrictions
01-Dec SBR Geog Day Oxford, UK X £37
16-Dec MRK Year 7 Day The Anvil, Bsingstoke x £19
19-Jan LDE MFL Day L'Ortolan, Reading x £49
28-Jan JRO Drama Day The Downs School, Newbury x x £15
8-Mar LDE MFL Residential Barcelona, Spain X £540
28-April SBR Geography Day Dorset, UK X TBC
08-June LDE MFL Residential Bilbao, Spain x £395
02-July CDO 6th Form Residential Moldova x x £600
04-July SBR Geography Day Christchurch, Uk X TBC


LDE/KLC MFL Residential Paris, France X X £505


TST Geography Residential Iceland x X X X £1200

Trips 2020-2021


Year Group
Date Leader Dept Type Destination 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Cost
14-Oct LDE MFL Day Trip La Sanpa Restaurant Y £39
9-Dec KLE MFL Day Trip La Sanpa Restaurant Y £39
10-June LDE MFL Day Trip L'Ortolan Y £46
5-July MRK AW 4 Days Ufton Court Y £90
5 & 7 July KCO AW 2 Days OutdoorAcademy  Y £80
6 & 8 July IJU AW 2 Days Outdoor Academy Y £80
6 & 7 July CVZ AW Residential Adventure Days Y £92/£100
1-2 Oct JHA HIST Residential Battlefields Y £170
12 Oct LDE MFL Residential Malaga Y Y £469
18 Oct DEL MFL Residential Berlin Y Y TBC

Trips 2019-2020

Year Group
Date Leader Dept Type Destination 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Cost
4-Oct JHA HIST Residential Ypres Y £160
5-Oct RAN MFL Day Trip Boulogne Y £60
7-Oct LDE MFL/ART Residential Malaga Y Y £489
24-Oct TST GEOG Residential Iceland Y Y Y £1109
21-Nov JWE MFL/HIST Residential Berlin Y Y £475
3-Mar LDE MFL Residential Barcelona Y Y £540
28-Mar IJU PE Residential Paris Y Y £675
31-Mar LDE KS 3,4 & 5 Residential China Y Y Y Y Y £1950
June LDE MFL Residential Bilbao Y TBC
July CDO 6th Form Residential Moldova Y Y


July MRK Year 7 Residential PGL Y