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Moldova Partnership


Since 2004, a group of students and adults from The Willink have visited the village of Tintareni in Moldova to run a summer scheme for up to 150 children at Ion Creanga school, Moldova, our partner school.  The volunteers have supported community projects and community work with the young and elderly. Because of the proximity to Ukraine, a student trip is not appropriate this year.

Having missed three years already, to Covid and the war in Ukraine, the team are thinking laterally this year and planning an adults only group (subject of course to Foreign Office advice). The trip is planned to take place around the time of our activities week and the group of adults will  be visiting our partner school in Moldova to run a summer school.  The aim is to keep contacts and skills going until such time as we can take students again.  As well as art, craft, drama, games and puzzles we are taking two newly qualified medics, who will be doing health/ dental/first aid.
They are looking for a hundred new tootbrushes.  If anyone could donate before 30th June 2023, please could you send to the Sixth Form Office.  Packs of four available in Poundland!
If you would like to know anymore about the Moldova Partnership and this trip, please contact Mrs Downey (jdowney@willink.w-berks.sch.uk).

Many thanks,

Mrs C Downey, Sixth Form Pastoral Mentor & Trip Leader