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Design and Technology

The Design and Technology department teaches in mixed ability groups. We aim to produce work that will challenge all students whilst supporting the less able.

Key Staff

  • Mr P Downing - Head of Department
  • Mrs K Jones

Key Stage 3 - Years 7, 8 and 9

Design & Technology Milestone Assessment Schedule 2022/23

Students have four lessons across a two week timetable for one term.

Year 7
Introduction to Design & Technology.

Students spend their first-year learning how to use the full range of materials, hand tools, machines and CAD programs to design and make a colour changing nightlight using timbers, polymers and electronics. 

Year 8
During year 8 the emphasis is on developing problem solving skills through a longer project based around a standard lamp design. This time we develop our understanding of timber joining techniques and use this to produce a design inspired by a period of design history.

Year 9
During the final year of KS3 students have free rein with an open brief to design a product that solves a problem. As well as manufacturing their product students develop further their skills in CAD, hand drawing and modelling.

Key Stage 4 (GCSE) - Years 10 and 11

Students have six lessons across the two week timetable.

We spend every day around things that have been designed; from the buildings we live and work in to the objects we use every day.

Design & Technology explores the design process we go through to create functional products and prototypes in metal, plastics and wood using the full range of facilities including two traditional workshops and a fully equipped CAD/CAM area (3D printing and Laser Cutting).

Homework is set regularly and is based upon developing high level research, design and theory understanding.

Breakdown – NEA, exam percentage (Exam board AQA)
Component 1
Exam 50%
Materials and Components, Industrial and Commercial processes, Analysing and Designing products, Sustainability and Technology.

Component 2
Non-Examined Assessment 50% (Afterschool sessions are essential)
20-page document exploring the design process through:
Research, Designing, Making, Testing and Evaluation

Key Stage 5  (AS/A Level Product Design, Exam board AQA) - Years 12 and 13

Students will study a wide range of materials, manufacturing techniques and processes. Through the course they will develop a good understanding of how designers and makers work, and have worked, in the real world.

Through the AS and A-level course students will build on the skills developed at GCSE applying these to a real-world problem and creating an innovative prototype/model or final product: this will be done using hand tools and traditional machines as well as Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing processes including 3D printing and Laser cutting.

  • Exam 50%
  • Core Technical Principals (Materials, Processes, Product Development and Digital Technologies)
  • Non-Examined Assessment (50%) Substantial Design and Make task (Identifying a project, designing, making and evaluating a prototype)

Key Stage 5 Product Design Course Overview


Last Updated November 2023