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Key Staff

  • Miss E Mace - Head of Department
  • Miss L Argent
  • Miss G Exelby

Politics Course

The Politics course allows students to understand the role Politics plays in relation to current local, national and global issues. Students explore topics including: The Constitution, Devolution, Parliament, The Prime Minister, The Supreme Court, The EU, Democracy & Participation, Electoral Systems, Voting behaviour & the role of Political Parties. They then make comparisons to Political theories including Liberalism, Socialism, Conservative & Feminism.

In Year 13, students explore global issues and make comparisons between what is happening on the international stage and UK Politics. Key topic areas studied include economic and political governance, human rights and the development of global power.

Students are expected to keep up-to-date with current affairs and use contemporary examples in their work.

Careers: journalism, politics, international relations, teaching, marketing, human resources.

Exam Board - Edexcel   

There is no coursework element for this A Level.

Students will be examined at the end of Year 13 where they will sit 3 exam papers.

Paper 1: UK Politics & Core Political Theory

Paper 2: UK Government & Non-Core Political Theory

Paper 3: Global Politics                 

Politics Course Guide 2023 - Key Stage 5                        

Last Updated November 2023