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Throughout the English curriculum we intend to encourage students to become independent and critical thinkers through exposure to a range of texts from diverse perspectives and times: including 19th to 21st centuries and genres ranging from adventure to gothic. The curriculum is skills based revolving around a curated group of texts including drama, literary novels and poetry from Shakespeare to Sheriff, Dickens to Steinbeck, to Duffy to Agard. We aim to motivate students in their engagement with these texts developing insight and ultimately encouraging students to reflect about themselves and others in the world around us, through the lens of societal and cultural context. Throughout the student’s journey in their English lessons, they will develop a depth of knowledge in exploring concepts, genres and literary convention which builds upon their proficiency in the subject.   

We develop students' skills in Reading, Writing and Oracy skills through a range of texts and tasks. Each year group completes regular milestone assessments which reflect a range of skills providing a holistic picture of students’ progress and achievement against their flightpaths. Furthermore, teaching in mixed ability in KS3 and banding in KS4 ensures there is the opportunity for progression and challenge whilst still supporting individual needs during lessons.   

Additionally, we aim to foster knowledge and guide students to read for pleasure through timetabled fortnightly library lessons for Key Stage 3 students, working in conjunction with the Accelerated Reader programme and our study resource centre. We encourage students to develop a love for literature and build independent reading skills, choosing texts which they not only enjoy but stimulate them too. 

English Long Term Map 2023-25

Key Staff

  • Mrs H Sayers,  Head of Department
  • Mr T Wall, Second in Department & co-ordinating KS3
  • Mrs E Rutherford, Third in Department & co-ordinating KS5, English Literacy Co-ordinator
  • Mrs K Connor, Designated Teacher 
  • Mr R Morgan, Professional Development Co-ordinator
  • Ms N Browning, Headteacher
  • Miss J Evans, Regional Lead TSH Berkshire
  • Mrs S Aziz, PGCE Mentor
  • Mrs C Gibson, More Able and Aspiring
  • Mrs L Holloway, Intervention Teacher and Co-ordinator
  • Mrs E Jeffcoate, Department LSA
  • Mrs S Bean

Key Stage 3 - Year 7, 8 and 9

English KS3 Topics & Skills 2023/24

By the end of Key Stage 3, your child will have studied a range of text types from a variety of genres and eras. Students will complete regular assessments in their reading and writing skills, but also be expected to participate in class discussions showing respect and sensitivity to complex topics. A sample of the texts that we study, including classic, modern and diverse literature are below:

  • Novels - such as: 'Boy' (Roald Dahl), 'Trash' (Andy Mulligan), 'Northern Lights' (Phillip Pullman), 'Of Mice and Men' (Steinbeck)
  • Plays - 'Journey's End' (R.C. Sherriff), 'Much Ado about Nothing' and 'Romeo and Juliet' (Shakespeare) 
  • Poetry - World War One poetry, English Literary Heritage Poetry, Poetry from Diverse Perspectives
  • Non-Fiction - autobiographies, travel writing, persuasive writing

For further ways to develop student skills, please use the link to find a compilation of resources: English Skills (padlet.com).

Key Stage 4 (GCSE) - Years 10 & 11

At Key Stage 4, students study the AQA Specifications for English Language and also for English Literature

PDF icon How to do I revise for English Language and English Literature?
PDF icon

What do Year 10 students study for GCSE

Key Stage 5 (AS and A Levels) - Years 12 and 13

At Key Stage 5, student study English Literature with Edexcel or English Language with AQA.


The English department also participates in national competitions and initiatives including: the Magistrate Mock Trial competition, BBC School News Report day; Poetry by Heart; shadowing the Carnegie book prize. During the year, we offer opportunities to see productions of Key Stage 4 drama texts (such as at the RSC or Windmill) or invite touring companies to perform abridged productions. In conjunction with the School Learning Resource centre, we also have author visits to the school for Key Stage 3.


Last Updated November 2023