Personal, Social, Religious Education
Mrs K Friend Head of Department, Miss E. Mace (Acting Head of Department), Mrs H Jonas,   Mrs T Starkey, Miss S Kilbane, Ms S Bowen Davies

Personal and Social
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Our Aim is to help our students gain a complete education in preparation for life in the adult world. 

This subject is a statutory subject valued by the current government and is key to the aims of the new Secondary School Curriculum introduced in 2008 which states that schools should aim to produce:-

  •  Confident individuals able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.
  •  Responsible citizens who make and contribute to society.

Curriculum Outline

Years 7, 8, 9 and 11 have key aspects of both subjects taught to them either weekly or fortnightly.

PSRE Education includes economic wellbeing, financial capability and personal wellbeing.

It provides opportunities for students to reflect on their own identities and relationships; discuss complex ethical questions; challenge prejudice and injustice; respond constructively to risk and uncertainty; and consider the impact of their career, consumer, and personal choices on people and environments throughout the world.

Religious Education
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RE is a compulsory part of the curriculum.  Within the department we have a committed team of various teachers. Each member of the department uses a variety of teaching styles and resources to encourage the pupils to enjoy the subject. 

What we believe

Our RE courses do not depend on personal faith and are equally relevant to those of faith as to those with none.

As a multi-faith society, we believe that one of the ways of addressing prejudice is through gaining a knowledge and insight into the beliefs and practices of others.  In RE we look at questions of faith and morality asked by humans and the answers provided by religion.  We do not always agree on the answers, but the important thing is that we respect the view of others and their rights to hold these views.


At KS3 we follow the West Berkshire Agreed Syllabus and pupils have one lesson per week.  Mixed ability groups are taught. 

Year 7
Students look at an overview of all 6 main religions, creating a presentation on a specific area of religion of their choice.  Year 7 students also look at festivals and analyse The Chronicles of Narnia and how similar it is to the story of Jesus.

Year 8
Students look at ethical and moral questions covering areas such as war and peace, the environment, an in-depth study of Buddhism, Pilgrimages and prejudice and discrimination.

KEY STAGE 4 plus Year 9 Compulsory  GCSE

In Years 9, 10 and 11 ALL students must take one lesson of RE per week by law and as a result of the recommendation of OFSTED.
The course is entitled Eduqas Religious Studies (Route A) and is interesting and varied.  It covers the following topics:-

  • Study of Christianity
  • Study of Islam
  • Philosophy and Ethics in the modern world

All sections will be studied from the viewpoint of Christianity and/or Islam. 

Students will sit all Exams at the end of Year 11.

Philosophical And Ethical Studies in the Modern World Study of Christianity Study of Islam
50% of final mark 25% 25%
2 hour exam 1 hour exam 1 hour exam