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The Willink School

DRAMA - Mrs J Ross Head of department
Mr M Rakowski

The Drama Department teaches in mixed ability groups.  We aim to produce work that will challenge all students whilst supporting the less able and providing extension opportunities for the gifted and talented.We believe that all students should have the opportunity to use their imagination and skills to create drama.Key Stage 3 Drama is taught in a purpose built studio and in the School Hall.In both areas there are resources that allow for a full theatrical experience, including lighting and sound systems.The Drama Classroom is equipped for Seminar Style teaching as well as space for practical work for small classes.The department is also equipped with computer facilities, which are linked to the school network.

Keystage 3

All students have two drama lessons per fortnight in which they learn and develop a variety of skills. All pupils are required to participate and learn to give and receive feedback on their performances.  As the students progress through the school they will be introduced to the technical side of theatre and be expected to plan for and use these in their performance pieces.

Areas of study include:

  • Masks
  • Physical Theatre
  • Melodrama
  • Shakespeare 

KeyStage 4

Drama is a popular subject at GCSE and students opting for the subject follow the WJEC GCSE Drama course.  

Year 10

The first year of GCSE Drama is used to build on performance and technical skills learned at KS3 and to introduce theatre practitioners and a range of devising techniques.  The set text will be studied in the summer term.   

Year 11

Two performance assessments are completed in Year 11 followed by a written exam which relates to coursework performances and the set text explored during the course.

The course is split into three units:

UNIT ONE: Devised Practical Performance (60%)

Controlled Assessment – Internally assessed and externally moderated.      

This unit is split into two tasks:

  1.  Devised Performance (40%) - Candidates will devise a practical performance based on a theme, linked with a practitioner or genre. Candidates may choose either acting or a theatre design skill.
  2.  Devised Performance Report (20%) - Candidates will complete a written report on the practical work they completed in Task One, under formal supervision.

 Assessment Options include:

  • Devised Performance


  • Lighting & Sound
  • Set Design

UNIT TWO: Performance from a Text (20%)

External Assessment in April/May of Year 11

 Candidates will be assessed on either their acting or a theatre design skill, in a scene from a published play.

UNIT THREE: Written Examination (20%)

Written Paper: 1½ hours

Candidates will be assessed on their ability to analyse one set text as an actor, designer and director and to evaluate practical work completed in Unit 2.



This consists of 4 units that allow students to explore different practitioners and styles of theatre.  Throughout the two years there is an increased emphasis on the student as playwright and director.


AS Level:

Unit 1: Exploration of Drama and Theatre (20% of A’ Level)

  • You will study two contrasting plays through the use of practical and theoretical exercises. Your exploration notes and an evaluation of a live performance will be assessed by your teachers.  

Unit 2: Theatre Text in Performance (30% of A’ Level)

  • You will take part in performances of a monologue or duologue and a published play. These will be externally assessed and supported by exploration notes.

A2 Level:

Unit 3: Exploration of Dramatic Performance (20% of A’ Level)

  • You will create a unique theatrical piece for a specific audience which will be assessed internally by your teachers and accompanied with exploration notes and performance evaluation.

Unit 4: Theatre Text in Context (30% of A’ Level)

  • This is a 2 ½ Hour written paper in three sections. To prepare for Sections A and B you will study a set text from the point of view of a director.  To prepare for Section C you will watch a live performance and study the historical period it originates from.

 Trips, Visits and Productions

 There are a variety of extra-curricular opportunities within Drama at the Willink.  These include

  • Key Stage 4 & 5 Production
  • Key Stage 3 Production
  • KS3 Drama Clubs
  • House Drama Competition
  • Year 9 Crime Prevention Drama Competition.

We also organise a number of theatre visits during the year, some for targeted year groups and others open to the whole school.  We also have visiting theatre companies that perform and lead workshops with our students.